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“Believe you can and you're halfway there”
-Theodore Roosevelt

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About Me


As the founder and CEO of H.OP. Counseling, LLC, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, I bring forth a rich tapestry of personal and professional experiences. Raised in a nurturing environment by parents of Haitian descent, my journey in mental health began with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. Furthering my education, I attained a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.

With a tenure of over 15 years in the mental health field, I am honored to hold licensure as a Mental Health Therapist. Currently, my practice extends to serving communities in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County, with the added accessibility of Telehealth services nationwide.

Specializing in addressing the complexities of trauma, including PTSD, grief, suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, anger management, and self-esteem issues among adolescents and adults, I am committed to providing comprehensive therapeutic support.

My dedication to this field stems from firsthand experiences of adversity, where I not only witnessed suffering but navigated my own challenges, fostering a profound sense of empathy and resilience. Through H.O.P. Counseling, individuals are empowered with the tools necessary to navigate life's adversities and optimize functioning across all domains.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I prioritize nurturing personal well-being through quality time with family, engaging in outdoor pursuits, and embracing self-care rituals such as reading, exercise, and moments of indulgence.



H.O.P. mission is to educate and inspire individuals and families who are ready for change and ready to heal on purpose. H.O.P. is here to give you the tools necessary to overcome the  ups and downs of life through effective therapy. 


To see Individuals and families dedicated to their mental health well-being just as much as their physical health. Mental health is no longer something to be ashamed of, instead it is embraced and cared for on a daily basis in order for individuals and families to operate to the best of their ability and beyond.


Therapy Services

H.O.P. Counseling is prepared to go on this journey with you. I am aware that everyone's journey is different I will outline an individualized program that is appropriate for your specific goals and needs. 


“You did not come this far to only come this far”

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